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Adjective, Noun
38 in 35 verses (in OT : 28 in 26 verses) (in NT : 10 in 9 verses)


descendant, n. (often foll. by of) a person or thing descended from another (a descendant of Charles I).

F, part. of descendre (as DESCEND)



aftermath, backup man, breed, brood, by-product, child, children, conclusion, consequence, daughter, derivative, descendants, descent, dynasty, effect, family, foster child, fruit, grandchild, grandchildren, granddaughter, grandson, great-grandchildren, heir, heiress, heirs, hostages to fortune, inheritor, inheritors, issue, kids, line, lineage, little ones, new generation, offshoot, offspring, posterity, progeniture, progeny, replacement, rising generation, scion, seed, sequel, son, son and heir, sonny, sons, spin-off, stepchild, stepdaughter, stepson, succession, successor, treasures, younglings, youngsters




N posterity, progeny, breed, issue, offspring, brood, litter, seed, farrow, spawn, spat, family, grandchildren, heirs, great-grandchild, child, son, daughter, butcha, bantling, scion, acrospire, plumule, shoot, sprout, olive-branch, sprit, branch, off-shoot, off- set, ramification, descendant, heir, heiress, heir-apparent, heir- presumptive, chip off the old block, heredity, rising generation, straight descent, sonship, line, lineage, filiation, primogeniture, filial, diphyletic, the child is father of the man, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, like father, like son.

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