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Adjective, Noun


cyclamenn. [NL., fr. Gr. kykla`minos, kyklami`s.].
     A genus of plants of the Primrose family, having depressed rounded corms, and pretty nodding flowers with the petals so reflexed as to point upwards, whence it is called rabbits' ears. It is also called sow bread, because hogs are said to eat the corms.  [1913 Webster]


cyclamen, n.
1 any plant of the genus Cyclamen, originating in Europe, having pink, red, or white flowers with reflexed petals, often grown in pots.
2 the shade of colour of the red or pink cyclamen flower.

med.L f. Gk kuklaminos, perh. f. kuklos circle, with ref. to its bulbous roots

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