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air line, arrest, beeline, bell, border line, bound, boundary, boundary condition, boundary line, bourn, break boundary, breakoff point, ceiling, check, checkmate, circumscription, compass, confine, cut, cutoff point, dead stop, deadline, deadlock, delimitation, determinant, division line, end, endgame, ending, extremity, final whistle, finish, floor, frontier, full stop, grinding halt, gun, halt, hedge, high-water mark, interface, limen, limit, limitation, limiting factor, line, line of demarcation, lockout, low-water mark, lower limit, march, mark, mete, shortcut, shortest way, sit-down strike, stalemate, stand, standoff, standstill, start, starting line, starting point, stay, stop, stoppage, strike, target date, term, terminal date, terminus, threshold, time allotment, upper limit, walkout, work stoppage

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