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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


curryv. t. [OE. curraien, curreien, OF. cunreer, correier, to prepare, arrange, furnish, curry (a horse), F. corroyer to curry (leather) (cf. OF. conrei, conroi, order, arrangement, LL. conredium); cor- (L.com-) + roi, rei, arrangement, order; prob. of German origin, and akin to E. ready. See Ready, Greith, and cf. Corody, Array.].
  •  To dress or prepare for use by a process of scraping, cleansing, beating, smoothing, and coloring; -- said of leather.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To dress the hair or coat of (a horse, ox, or the like) with a currycomb and brush; to comb, as a horse, in order to make clean.  [1913 Webster]
    "Your short horse is soon curried."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To beat or bruise; to drub; -- said of persons.  [1913 Webster]
    "I have seen him curry a fellow's carcass handsomely."  [1913 Webster]
To curry favor, to seek to gain favor by flattery or attentions. See Favor, n.
curryn. [Tamil kari.].
  •  A kind of sauce much used in India, containing garlic, pepper, ginger, and other strong spices.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A stew of fowl, fish, or game, cooked with curry.  [1913 Webster]
Curry powder (Cookery), a condiment used for making curry, formed of various materials, including strong spices, as pepper, ginger, garlic, coriander seed, etc.
curryv. t. 
     To flavor or cook with curry.  [1913 Webster]


curry, n. & v.
--n. (pl. -ies) a dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in a sauce of hot-tasting spices, usu. served with rice.
--v.tr. (-ies, -ied) prepare or flavour with a sauce of hot-tasting spices (curried eggs).

curry-powder a preparation of turmeric and other spices for making curry.
curry, v.tr. (-ies, -ied)
1 groom (a horse) with a curry-comb.
2 treat (tanned leather) to improve its properties.
3 thrash.

curry-comb a hand-held metal serrated device for grooming horses. curry favour ingratiate oneself.
ME f. OF correier ult. f. Gmc



Irish stew, bake, barbecue, baste, bed, bed down, blanch, boil, bouillabaisse, braise, break, brew, bridle, broil, brown, brush, card, chowder, clobber, coddle, comb, cook, currycomb, devil, do, do to perfection, drench, drub, etuvee, feed, fire, fodder, fricassee, frizz, frizzle, fry, gentle, goulash, griddle, grill, groom, hackle, handle, harness, hatchel, heat, heckle, hitch, lick, litter, manage, meat stew, milk, mulligan, mulligan stew, olio, olla, olla podrida, oven-bake, overwhelm, oyster stew, paella, pan, pan-broil, parboil, poach, prepare, prepare food, ragout, rake, roast, rub down, saddle, saute, scallop, sear, shellac, shirr, simmer, smear, smother, steam, stew, stir-fry, tame, tend, thrash, toast, train, trim, water, yoke




VB rub, scratch, scrape, scrub, slide, fray, rasp, graze, curry, scour, polish, rub out, wear down, gnaw, file, grind, set one's teeth on edge, rosin.


N condiment, seasoning, sauce, spice, relish, appetizer, salt, mustard, grey poupon mustard, pepper, black pepper, white pepper, peppercorn, curry, sauce piquante, caviare, onion, garlic, pickle, achar, allspice, bell pepper, Jamaica pepper, green pepper, chutney, cubeb, pimento, capsicum, red pepper, chili peppers, cayenne, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, oregano, cloves, fennel, pot herbs, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, marjoram, frankincense, balm, myrrh, paprika, saffron, ginger, turmeric.

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