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curiumn. [after Pierre and Marie Curie.].
     a radioactive transuranic element of atomic number 96, having an atomic weight of 247 for its most stable isotope (half-life 1.6 x 107 years). The chemical symbol is Cm.
    "It was first prepared in 1944 by helium-ion bombardment of plutonium in a cyclotron by Glenn Seaborg and colleagues in California. It has never been detected in nature, though minute quantities may exist in uranium deposits as a consequence of the neutron flux there."  [WordNet 1.5]


curium, n. an artificially made transuranic radioactive metallic element, first produced by bombarding plutonium with helium ions.

Symb.: Cm.
M. Curie d. 1934 and P. Curie d. 1906, Fr. scientists

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