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Adjective, Noun


cubica. [L. cubicus, Gr. : cf. F. cubique. See Cube.].
  •  Having the form or properties of a cube; contained, or capable of being contained, in a cube.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Isometric or monometric; as, cubic cleavage. See Crystallization.  [1913 Webster]
Cubic equation, an equation in which the highest power of the unknown quantity is a cube. -- Cubic foot, a volume equivalent to a cubical solid which measures a foot in each of its dimensions. -- Cubic number, a number produced by multiplying a number into itself, and that product again by the same number. See Cube. -- Cubical parabola (Geom.), two curves of the third degree, one plane, and one on space of three dimensions.
     A curve of the third degree.  [1913 Webster]
Circular cubic. See under Circular.


cubic, adj.
1 cube-shaped.
2 of three dimensions.
3 involving the cube (and no higher power) of a number (cubic equation).
4 Crystallog. having three equal axes at right angles.

cubic content the volume of a solid expressed in cubic metres. cubic metre etc. the volume of a cube whose edge is one metre etc.
F cubique or L cubicus f. Gk kubikos (as CUBE)



3-D, cube-shaped, cubed, cubiform, cuboid, diced, dimensional, flat, foursquare, fourth-dimensional, oblong, orthogonal, proportional, quadrangular, quadrate, quadriform, quadrilateral, rectangular, rhombic, rhomboid, space, space-time, spatial, spatiotemporal, spherical, square, stereoscopic, superficial, surface, tetragonal, tetrahedral, three-dimensional, trapezohedral, trapezoid, two-dimensional, volumetric

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