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cowslipn. [AS. c, c, prob. orig., cow's droppings. Cf. Slop, n.].
  •  A common flower in England (Primula veris) having yellow blossoms and appearing in early spring. It is often cultivated in the United States.  [1913 Webster]
  •  In the United States, the marsh marigold (Caltha palustris), appearing in wet places in early spring and often used as a pot herb. It is nearer to a buttercup than to a true cowslip. See Illust. of Marsh marigold.  [1913 Webster]
American cowslip (Bot.), a pretty flower of the West (Dodecatheon Meadia), belonging to the same order (Primulaceæ) with the English cowslip. -- French cowslip (Bot.), bear's-ear (Primula Auricula).


cowslip, n.
1 a primula, Primula veris, with fragrant yellow flowers and growing in pastures.
2 US a marsh marigold.

OE cuslyppe f. cu COW(1) + slyppe slimy substance, i.e. cow-dung

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