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courtiern. [From Court.].
  •  One who is in attendance at the court of a prince; one who has an appointment at court.  [1913 Webster]
    "You know I am no courtier, nor versed in state affairs."  [1913 Webster]
    "This courtier got a frigate, and that a company."  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who courts or solicits favor; one who flatters.  [1913 Webster]
    "There was not among all our princes a greater courtier of the people than Richard III."  [1913 Webster]


courtier, n. a person who attends or frequents a sovereign's court.

ME f. AF courte(i)our, f. OF f. cortoyer be present at court



adherent, adulator, appendage, apple-polisher, ass-licker, attendant, backscratcher, backslapper, blarneyer, bootlick, bootlicker, brown-nose, brownie, buff, cajoler, cavaliere servente, clawback, creature, cringer, dangler, dependent, disciple, dupe, fan, fawner, flatterer, flunky, follower, following, footlicker, groveler, handshaker, hanger-on, helot, henchman, homme de cour, instrument, jackal, kowtower, lackey, led captain, lickspit, lickspittle, mealymouth, minion, parasite, partisan, peon, public, puppet, pursuer, pursuivant, satellite, sectary, serf, shadow, slave, spaniel, stooge, successor, suck, supporter, sycophant, tagtail, tail, timeserver, toad, toady, tool, trainbearer, truckler, tufthunter, votary, ward heeler, wheedler, yes-man




N servility, slavery, obsequiousness, subserviency, abasement, prostration, prosternation, genuflection, fawning, tuft- hunting, timeserving, flunkeyism, sycophancy, humility, sycophant, parasite, toad, toady, toad-eater, tufthunter, snob, flunky, flunkey, yes-man, lapdog, spaniel, lickspittle, smell-feast, Graeculus esuriens, hanger on, cavaliere servente, led captain, carpet knight, timeserver, fortune hunter, Vicar of Bray, Sir- Pertinax, Max Sycophant, pickthank, flatterer, doer of dirty work, ame damnee, tool, reptile, slave, courtier, beat, dead beat, doughface, heeler, homme de cour, sponger, sucker, tagtail, truckler, servile, obsequious, supple, supple as a glove, soapy, oily, pliant, cringing, abased, dough-faced, fawning, slavish, groveling, sniveling, mealy-mouthed, beggarly, sycophantic, parasitical, abject, prostrate, down on ones marrowbones, base, mean, sneaking, crouching, hat in hand, cap in hand.


N flatterer, adulator, eulogist, euphemist, optimist, encomiast, laudator, whitewasher, toady, toadeater, sycophant, courtier, Sir Pertinax MacSycophant, flaneur, proneur, puffer, touter, claqueur, clawback, earwig, doer of dirty work, parasite, hanger-on, yes-man, suckup, ass-kisser, brown-noser, teacher's pet, pessimum genus inimicorum laudantes.

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