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couriern. [F. courrier, fr. courre, courir, to run, L. currere. See Course, Current.].
  •  A messenger sent with haste to convey letters or dispatches, usually on public business.  [1913 Webster]
    "The wary Bassa . . . by speedy couriers, advertised Solyman of the enemy's purpose."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An attendant on travelers, whose business it is to make arrangements for their convenience at hotels and on the way.  [1913 Webster]


courier, n.
1 a person employed, usu. by a travel company, to guide and assist a group of tourists.
2 a special messenger.

ME f. obs. F, f. It. corriere, & f. OF coreor, both f. L currere run



Gyropilot, Hermes, Iris, Mercury, Paul Revere, Pheidippides, automatic pilot, bearer, boatheader, boatsteerer, carrier, cicerone, commissionaire, cowherd, coxswain, diplomatic courier, dragoman, drover, emissary, envoy, estafette, express, go-between, goatherd, guide, guidepost, guider, helmsman, herd, herdsman, internuncio, mercury, message-bearer, messenger, navigator, nuncio, pilot, pointer, post, postboy, postrider, river pilot, runner, shepherd, steerer, steersman, tour director, tour guide




N traveler, wayfarer, voyager, itinerant, passenger, commuter, tourist, excursionist, explorer, adventurer, mountaineer, hiker, backpacker, Alpine Club, peregrinator, wanderer, rover, straggler, rambler, bird of passage, gadabout, gadling, vagrant, scatterling, landloper, waifs and estrays, wastrel, foundling, loafer, tramp, tramper, vagabond, nomad, Bohemian, gypsy, Arab, Wandering Jew, Hadji, pilgrim, palmer, peripatetic, somnambulist, emigrant, fugitive, refugee, beach comber, booly, globegirdler, globetrotter, vagrant, hobo, night walker, sleep walker, noctambulist, runabout, straphanger, swagman, swagsman, trecker, trekker, zingano, zingaro, runner, courier, Mercury, Iris, Ariel, comet, pedestrian, walker, foot passenger, cyclist, wheelman, rider, horseman, equestrian, cavalier, jockey, roughrider, trainer, breaker, driver, coachman, whip, Jehu, charioteer, postilion, postboy, carter, wagoner, drayman, cabman, cabdriver, voiturier, vetturino, condottiere, engine driver, stoker, fireman, guard, chauffeur, conductor, engineer, gharry-wallah, gari-wala, hackman, syce, truckman, on the road.


N interpreter, expositor, expounder, exponent, explainer, demonstrator, scholiast, commentator, annotator, metaphrast, paraphrast, glossarist, prolocutor, spokesman, speaker, mouthpiece, dragoman, courier, valet de place, cicerone, showman, oneirocritic, (Edipus, oracle).


N messenger, envoy, emissary, legate, nuncio, internuncio, ambassador, marshal, flag bearer, herald, crier, trumpeter, bellman, pursuivant, parlementaire, apparitor, courier, runner, dak, estafette, Mercury, Iris, Ariel, commissionaire, errand boy, chore boy, newsboy, mail, overnight mail, express mail, next-day delivery, post, post office, letter bag, delivery service, United Parcel Service, UPS, Federal Express, Fedex, telegraph, telephone, cable, wire (electronic information transmission), carrier pigeon, (news) 532 reporter, gentleman of the press, representative of the press, penny-a-liner, special correspondent, own correspondent, spy, scout, informer.

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