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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


counterbalancev. t. 
     To oppose with an equal weight or power; to counteract the power or effect of; to countervail; to equiponderate; to balance.  [1913 Webster]
    "The remaining air was not able to counterbalance the mercurial cylinder."  [1913 Webster]
    "The study of mind is necessary to counterbalance and correct the influence of the study of nature."  [1913 Webster]
     A weight, power, or agency, acting against or balancing another  [1913 Webster]
    "Money is the counterbalance to all other things purchasable by it."  [1913 Webster]


counterbalance, n. & v.
1 a weight balancing another.
2 an argument, force, etc., balancing another.
--v.tr. act as a counterbalance to.



accommodate, adjust, amend, annul, antipode, antipodes, antipole, antithesis, antonym, atone for, balance, ballast, be at cross-purposes, be heavy, be opposed to, bring to nothing, buffer, cancel, cancel out, carry weight, clash, come to nothing, compensate, conflict, conflict with, consideration, contra, contradict, contrapose, contrast with, contravene, controvert, converse, coordinate, correct, counter, counteract, counterblast, countercheck, countercurrent, counterforce, counterinfluence, counterpoint, counterpoise, counterpole, counterpose, counterpressure, counterterm, countervail, counterweigh, counterweight, counterwork, crosscurrent, equalize, equate, equipoise, equiponderate, equivalent, even, even up, firm, firm up, fit, foil, foul wind, freeze, frustrate, give-and-take, have weight, head wind, heft, hold, hold the scales, immobilize, integrate, invalidate, inverse, juxtapose in opposition, keep, level, lie heavy, make up, makeweight, nail down, negate, negativate, negative, neutralize, nullify, obverse, offset, oppose, opposite, opposite number, oppugn, outweigh, pin down, play at cross-purposes, poise, proportion, quid pro quo, rectify, redeem, retain, reverse, run counter to, set off, setoff, something of value, square, square up, stabilitate, stabilize, steady, stick, strike a balance, stultify, the contrary, the other side, thwart, tip the scales, tit for tat, transfix, undercurrent, undo, vis-a-vis, vitiate, void, weigh, weigh heavy, weigh in, weigh out, weight




N compensation, equation, commutation, indemnification, compromise, neutralization, nullification, counteraction, reaction, measure for measure, retaliation, equalization, robbing Peter to pay Paul, set-off, offset, make-weight, casting-weight, counterpoise, ballast, indemnity, equivalent, quid pro quo, bribe, hush money, amends, counterbalance, counterclaim, cross-debt, cross- demand, compensating, compensatory, countervailing, in the opposite scale, equivalent, in return, in consideration, but, however, yet, still, notwithstanding, nevertheless, nathless, none the less, although, though, albeit, howbeit, mauger, at all events, at any rate, be that as it may, for all that, even so, on the other, hand, at the same time, quoad minus, quand meme, however that may be, after all is said and done, taking one thing with another, light is mingled with the gloom, every dark cloud has a silver lining, primo avulso non deficit alter, saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas.

VB make compensation, compensate, compense, indemnify, counteract, countervail, counterpoise, balance, outbalance, overbalance, counterbalance, set off, hedge, square, give and take, make up for, lee way, cover, fill up, neutralize, nullify, equalize, make good, redeem.

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