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     Action in opposition; hindrance resistance.  [1913 Webster]
    "[They] do not . . . overcome the counteraction of a false principle or of stubborn partiality."  [1913 Webster]



amends, atonement, balancing, bucking, challenge, combative reaction, commutation, compensation, complaint, contention, contradiction, contraposition, contravention, contraversion, counterbalancing, counterworking, crosscurrent, crossing, defiance, demur, denial, dispute, dissent, dissentience, expiation, fractiousness, head wind, impugnation, impugnment, indemnification, indemnity, lex talionis, negation, negativism, noncooperation, objection, obstinacy, offsetting, opposing, opposition, opposure, oppugnation, passive resistance, protest, reaction, rebuff, rebutment, rebuttal, recalcitrance, recalcitrancy, recalcitration, recompense, rectification, redress, refractoriness, refusal, rejection, reluctance, remonstrance, renitence, renitency, reparation, repayment, repellence, repellency, repulse, repulsion, resistance, restitution, retaliation, revenge, revolt, satisfaction, stand, standing against, substitution, traversal, uncooperativeness, undercurrent, withstanding




N compensation, equation, commutation, indemnification, compromise, neutralization, nullification, counteraction, reaction, measure for measure, retaliation, equalization, robbing Peter to pay Paul, set-off, offset, make-weight, casting-weight, counterpoise, ballast, indemnity, equivalent, quid pro quo, bribe, hush money, amends, counterbalance, counterclaim, cross-debt, cross- demand, compensating, compensatory, countervailing, in the opposite scale, equivalent, in return, in consideration, but, however, yet, still, notwithstanding, nevertheless, nathless, none the less, although, though, albeit, howbeit, mauger, at all events, at any rate, be that as it may, for all that, even so, on the other, hand, at the same time, quoad minus, quand meme, however that may be, after all is said and done, taking one thing with another, light is mingled with the gloom, every dark cloud has a silver lining, primo avulso non deficit alter, saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas.


N opposition, antagonism, oppugnancy, oppugnation, impugnation, contrariety, contravention, counteraction, counterplot, cross fire, undercurrent, head wind, clashing, collision, conflict, competition, two of a trade, rivalry, emulation, race, absence of aid, resistance, restraint, hindrance, opposing, opposed, adverse, antagonistic, contrary, at variance, at issue, at war with, unfavorable, unfriendly, hostile, inimical, cross, unpropitious, in hostile array, front to front, with crossed bayonets, at daggers drawn, up in arms, resistant, competitive, emulous, against, versus, counter to, in conflict with, at cross purposes, against the grain, against the current, against the stream, against the wind, against the tide, with a headwind, with the wind ahead, with the wind in one's teeth, in spite, in despite, in defiance, in the way, in the teeth of, in the face of, across, athwart, overthwart, where the shoe pinches, in spite of one's teeth, though, even, quand meme, per contra, nitor in adversum.


N counteraction, opposition, contrariety, antagonism, polarity, clashing, collision, interference, inhibition, resistance, renitency, friction, reaction, retroaction, counterblast, neutralization, vis inertiae, check, voluntary opposition &c, voluntary resistance, repression, opposites, action and reaction, yang and yin, yang-yin (contrariety), counteracting, antagonistic, conflicting, retroactive, renitent, reactionary, contrary, although, in spite of, against, for every action there is a reaction, equal in force and opposite in direction.

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