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Adjective, Noun


correlativea. [Cf. F. corrélatif.].
     Having or indicating a reciprocal relation.  [1913 Webster]
    "Father and son, prince and subject, stranger and citizen, are correlative terms."  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who, or that which, stands in a reciprocal relation, or is correlated, to some other person or thing.  Locke.  [1913 Webster]
    "Spiritual things and spiritual men are correlatives."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The antecedent of a pronoun.  [1913 Webster]


correlative, adj. & n.
1 (often foll. by with, to) having a mutual relation.
2 Gram. (of words) corresponding to each other and regularly used together (as neither and nor).
--n. a correlative word or thing.

correlatively adv. correlativity n.
med.L correlativus (as COM-, RELATIVE)



accessory, accompanying, affinitive, agnate, akin, allied, analogical, analogous, appertaining, associated, associative, attendant, attending, cognate, coincident, collatable, collateral, combined, commensurable, commensurate, comparable, comparative, concomitant, concurrent, congeneric, congenerous, congenial, conjoint, connate, connatural, connected, connective, conspecific, corelated, corelational, corelative, correlated, correlational, coupled, en rapport, enate, fellow, joined, joint, linking, matchable, much at one, mutual, paired, parallel, pertaining, pertinent, proportionable, proportional, proportionate, referable, referring, relating, relational, relative, similar, simultaneous, sympathetic, twin




N relation, bearing, reference, connection, concern, cognation, correlation, analogy, similarity, affinity, homology, alliance, homogeneity, association, approximation, filiation, interest, relevancy, dependency, relationship, relative position, comparison, ratio, proportion, link, tie, bond of union, relative, correlative, cognate, relating to, relative to, in relation with, referable or referrible to, belonging to, appurtenant to, in common with, related, connected, implicated, associated, affiliated, allied to, en rapport, in touch with, approximative, approximating, proportional, proportionate, proportionable, allusive, comparable, in the same category, like, relevant, applicable, equiparant, relatively, pertinently, thereof, as to, as for, as respects, as regards, about, concerning, anent, relating to, as relates to, with relation, with reference to, with respect to, with regard to, in respect of, while speaking of, a propos of, in connection with, by the way, by the by, whereas, for as much as, in as much as, in point of, as far as, on the part of, on the score of, quoad hoc, pro re nata, under the head of, of, in the matter of, in re, thereby hangs a tale.


N correlation, reciprocalness, reciprocity, reciprocation, mutuality, correlation, interdependence, interrelation, connection, link, association, interchange, exchange, barter, reciprocator, reprocitist, reciprocal, mutual, commutual, correlative, reciprocative, interrelated, closely related, alternate, interchangeable, interdependent, international, complemental, complementary, mutually, mutatis mutandis, vice versa, each other, one another, by turns, reciprocally, happy in our mutual help.

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