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Verb (intransitive)


copulatea. [L. copulatus, p. p. of copulare to couple, fr. copula. See Copula.].
  •  Joined; associated; coupled.  Bacon.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Joining subject and predicate; copulative.  F. A. March.  [1913 Webster]
copulatev. i. 
     To unite in sexual intercourse; to come together in the act of generation.  [1913 Webster]


copulate, v.intr. (often foll. by with) have sexual intercourse.

copulatory adj.
L copulare fasten together (as COPULA)



accouple, accumulate, agglutinate, amass, articulate, assemble, associate, ball, band, be intimate, beget, bill and coo, bond, bracket, breed, breed true, bridge, bridge over, bunch, bunch up, cement, chain, clap together, clot, cluster, cohabit, collect, combine, come together, commit adultery, comprise, concatenate, conglobulate, congregate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, converge, couple, cover, crossbreed, crowd, dally, date, diddle, embrace, encompass, engender, father, flock together, flow together, forgather, fornicate, frig, fuse, gang around, gang up, gather, gather around, generate, get, glue, have sex, have sexual relations, herd together, hive, horde, huddle, inbreed, include, join, knot, lay, lay together, league, lie with, link, lollygag, lump together, make it with, make love, make out, marry, marshal, mass, mate, meet, merge, mill, mobilize, mother, mount, multiply, muster, neck, outbreed, pair, pet, piece together, procreate, proliferate, propagate, put together, rally, rally around, rendezvous, reproduce in kind, roll into one, screw, seethe, serve, service, sire, sleep with, smooch, solder, span, splice, spoon, stick together, stream, surge, swarm, sweet-talk, take in, tape, throng, tie, toy, trifle, unify, unite, wanton, weld, whisper sweet nothings, yoke




VB mate, copulate, make love, have intercourse, fornicate, have sex, do it, sleep together, fuck, sleep around, play the field, masturbate, jerk off, jack off, play with oneself, have the hots, become aroused, get hot, have an erection, get it up, come, climax, ejaculate.

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