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Adjective, Noun


constabularya. [LL. constabularius an equerry. See Constable.].
     Of or pertaining to constables; consisting of constables.  [1913 Webster]
     The collective body of constables in any town, district, or country.  [1913 Webster]


constabulary, n. & adj.
--n. (pl. -ies) an organized body of police; a police force.
--attrib.adj. of or concerning the police force.

med.L constabularius (as constable)



Cheka, FBI, Gestapo, Interpol, MP, MVD, Mounties, NKVD, OGPU, RCMP, SP, Scotland Yard, bailiwick, bureau, commissariat, constablery, constablewick, county police, department, highway patrol, law enforcement agency, military police, ministry, municipality, office, police, police force, political police, posse, provincial police, riot police, secret police, secretariat, security force, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shore patrol, shrievalty, special police, state police, tactical police, troopers, vigilance committee, vigilantes




N jurisdiction, judicature, administration of justice, soc, executive, commission of the peace, magistracy, judge, tribunal, municipality, corporation, bailiwick, shrievalty, lord lieutenant, sheriff, shire reeve, shrieve, constable, selectman, police, police force, the fuzz, constabulary, bumbledom, gendarmerie, officer, bailiff, tipstaff, bum-bailiff, catchpoll, beadle, policeman, cop, police constable, police sergeant, sbirro, alguazil, gendarme, kavass, lictor, mace bearer, huissier, bedel, tithingman, press gang, exciseman, gauger, gager, customhouse officer, douanier, coroner, edile, aedile, portreeve, paritor, posse comitatus, bureau, cutcherry, department, secretariat, long arm of the law, extradition, executive, administrative, municipal, inquisitorial, causidical, judicatory, judiciary, judicial, juridical, coram judice.

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