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consortium, n. (pl. consortia or consortiums)
1 an association, esp. of several business companies.
2 Law the right of association with a husband or wife (loss of consortium).

L, = partnership (as consort(1))



Aktiengesellschaft, accord, agreement, aktiebolag, arrangement, bargain, binding agreement, body corporate, bond, business, business establishment, cartel, chamber of commerce, club, collective agreement, combine, commercial enterprise, compact, compagnie, company, concern, conglomerate, conglomerate corporation, congress, consolidating company, contract, convention, copartnership, cordial understanding, corporate body, corporation, covenant, covenant of salt, deal, dicker, diversified corporation, employment contract, entente, entente cordiale, enterprise, fellowship, firm, formal agreement, fraternity, guild, holding company, house, industry, ironclad agreement, joint-stock association, joint-stock company, league, legal agreement, legal contract, mutual agreement, mutual understanding, operating company, order, pact, paction, partnership, plunderbund, pool, promise, protocol, public utility, society, stipulation, stock company, syndicate, trade association, transaction, trust, understanding, union, union contract, utility, valid contract, wage contract

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