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Verb (usu participle)


conglutinatea. [L. conglutinatus, p. p. of conglutinare to glue; con- + glutinare to glue, gluten glue.].
     Glued together; united, as by some adhesive substance.  [1913 Webster]
conglutinatev. t. 
     To glue together; to unite by some glutinous or tenacious substance; to cause to adhere or to grow together.  [1913 Webster]
    "Bones . . . have had their broken parts conglutinated within three or four days."  [1913 Webster]
conglutinatev. i. 
     To unite by the intervention of some glutinous substance; to coalesce.  [1913 Webster]




VB cohere, adhere, stick, cling, cleave, hold, take hold of, hold fast, close with, clasp, hug, grow together, hang together, twine round, stick like a leech, stick like wax, stick close, cling like ivy, cling like a bur, adhere like a remora, adhere like Dejanira's shirt, glue, agglutinate, conglutinate, cement, lute, paste, gum, solder, weld, cake, consolidate, agglomerate.

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