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  •  Sweetmeats, in general; things prepared and sold by a confectioner; confections; candies.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A place where candies, sweetmeats, and similar things are made or sold.  [1913 Webster]


confectionery, n. sweets and other confections.



Jell-O, antique store, apothecary, automobile showroom, blancmange, bookstore, bootery, candy, candy store, chemist, cigar store, clothiers, clothing store, comfit, compote, confection, confiture, conserve, dress shop, drugstore, dry goods store, florists, frosting, fur salon, furniture store, gelatin, gift shop, glaze, haberdashery, hardware store, hat shop, hobby shop, honey, icing, ironmongery, jam, jelly, jewelers, jewelry store, leather goods store, liquor store, luggage shop, marmalade, meringue, milliners, mousse, novelty shop, package store, pharmacy, preserve, saddlery, schlock house, schlock shop, secondhand shop, secondhand store, shoe store, smoke shop, specialty shop, sporting goods store, stationers, stationery store, sweater shop, sweet, sweet shop, sweet stuff, sweetmeat, sweets, thrift shop, tobacco store, tobacconists, toy shop, trimming store, tutti-frutti, used-car lot, whipped cream




N mart, market, marketplace, fair, bazaar, staple, exchange, change, bourse, hall, guildhall, tollbooth, customhouse, Tattersall's, stall, booth, stand, newsstand, cart, wagon, wharf, office, chambers, countinghouse, bureau, counter, compter, shop, emporium, establishment, store, department store, general store, five and ten, variety store, co-op, finding store, grindery warehouse, grocery, supermarket, candy store, sweet shop, confectionery, bakery, greengrocer, delicatessen, bakeshop, butcher shop, fish store, farmers' market, mom and pop store, dairy, health food store, tobacco shop, tobacco store, tobacconists, cigar store, hardware store, jewelry shop, bookstore, liquor store, gun shop, rod and reel shop, furniture store, drugstore, chemist's, florist, flower shop, shoe store, stationer, stationer's, electronics shop, telephone store, music store, record shop, fur store, sporting goods store, video store, video rental store, lumber store, lumber yard, home improvements store, home improvement center, gas station, auto repair shop, auto dealer, used car dealer, mall, suburban mall, commons, pedestrian mall, shopping street, surplus store, army-navy surplus store, auction, flea market, yard sale, garage sale, pawn shop, antiques store, second-hand store, second time around shop, thrift shop, warehouse, wareroom, depot, interposit, entrepot, market-overt, real-estate broker, vending machine.

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