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Verb (transitive)
2 in 2 verses (in OT : 2 in 2 verses)


condonev. t. [L. condonare, -donatum, to give up, remit, forgive; con- + donare to give. See Donate.].
  •  To pardon; to forgive.  [1913 Webster]
    "A fraud which he had either concocted or condoned."  [1913 Webster]
    "It would have been magnanimous in the men then in power to have overlooked all these things, and, condoning the politics, to have rewarded the poetry of Burns."
  •  To pardon; to overlook the offense of; esp., to forgive for a violation of the marriage law; -- said of either the husband or the wife.  [1913 Webster]


condone, v.tr.
1 forgive or overlook (an offence or wrongdoing).
2 approve or sanction, usu. reluctantly.
3 (of an action) atone for (an offence); make up for.

condonation n. condoner n.
L condonare (as com-, donare give)



abide with, accept, allow for, be big, be content with, be easy with, bear, bear with, blink at, brook, connive at, countenance, disregard, endure, forget, forgive, grin and abide, have, hear of, ignore, indulge, judge not, lean over backwards, leave unavenged, let go by, let it go, let pass, listen to reason, live with, make allowances for, not write off, obey, overlook, pardon, pass over, pocket the affront, put up with, regard with indulgence, remit, rise above, see both sides, shrug, shrug it off, stand for, stomach, submit to, suffer, suspend judgment, take, tolerate, view with indulgence, wink at, yield to




VB forgive, forgive and forget, pardon, condone, think no more of, let bygones be bygones, shake hands, forget an injury, excuse, pass over, overlook, wink at, bear with, allow for, make allowances for, let one down easily, not be too hard upon, pocket the affront, let off, remit, absolve, give absolution, reprieve, acquit, beg pardon, ask pardon, implore pardon, conciliate, propitiate, placate, make up a quarrel, let the wound heal.

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