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condigna. [F. condigne, L. condignus very worthy; con- + dignus worthy. See Deign, and cf. Digne.].
  •  Worthy; suitable; deserving; fit.  [1913 Webster]
    "Condign and worthy praise."  [1913 Webster]
    "Herself of all that rule she deemend most condign."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Deserved; adequate; suitable to the fault or crime.  Milman.  [1913 Webster]
    "Unless it were a bloody murderer . . .
    I never gave them condign punishment.
    "  [1913 Webster]


condign, adj. (of a punishment etc.) severe and well-deserved.

condignly adv.
ME f. OF condigne f. L condignus (as com-, dignus worthy)



according to Hoyle, appropriate, atrocious, awful, becoming, correct, decent, decorous, deserved, dreadful, due, fair, fit, fitting, good, grim, horrible, just, kosher, merited, nice, normal, normative, proper, requisite, right, right and proper, righteous, rightful, rigorous, seemly, stern, strict, stringent, suitable




N due, dueness, right, privilege, prerogative, prescription, title, claim, pretension, demand, birthright, immunity, license, liberty, franchise, vested interest, vested right, sanction, authority, warranty, charter, warrant, constitution, tenure, bond, claimant, appellant, plaintiff, having a right to, entitled to, claiming, deserving, meriting, worthy of, privileged, allowed, sanctioned, warranted, authorized, ordained, prescribed, constitutional, chartered, enfranchised, prescriptive, presumptive, absolute, indefeasible, unalienable, inalienable, imprescriptible, inviolable, unimpeachable, unchallenged, sacrosanct, due to, merited, deserved, condign, richly deserved, allowable, lawful, licit, legitimate, legal, legalized, square, unexceptionable, right, equitable, due, en r gle, fit, fitting, correct, proper, meet, befitting, becoming, seemly, decorous, creditable, up to the mark, right as a trivet, just the thing, quite the thing, selon les r gles, duly, ex officio, de jure, by right, by divine right, jure divino, Dei gratia, in the name of, civis Romanus sum, +a chaque saint sa chandelle.

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