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Adjective, Noun


     Having power to compel; exercising or applying compulsion.  [1913 Webster]
    "Religion is . . . inconsistent with all compulsive motives."  [1913 Webster]


compulsive, adj.
1 compelling.
2 resulting or acting from, or as if from, compulsion (a compulsive gambler).
3 Psychol. resulting or acting from compulsion against one's conscious wishes.
4 irresistible (compulsive entertainment).

compulsively adv. compulsiveness n.
med.L compulsivus (as compel)



accordant, anal, automatic, blind, bourgeois, coactive, coercive, compelling, compulsatory, compulsory, concordant, conditioned, conformist, constrained, constraining, conventional, corresponding, driving, forced, forceful, formalistic, gripping, harmonious, holding, impelling, imperative, imperious, impulsive, in accord, in keeping, in line, in step, instinctive, involuntary, irresistible, kosher, mechanical, obsessing, obsessional, obsessive, orthodox, overwhelming, pedantic, plastic, possessing, precisianistic, preoccupying, pressing, reflex, reflexive, restraining, square, straight, stuffy, traditionalist, unconscious, unintentional, unthinking, unwilled, unwilling, unwitting, uptight, urgent

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