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     Yielding; bending; pliant; submissive.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]


compliant, adj. disposed to comply; yielding, obedient.

compliantly adv.



abject, accepting, accommodating, accordant, acquiescent, acquiescing, active, adaptable, adapting, adaptive, adjustable, adjusting, affable, affirmative, agreeable, agreed, agreeing, alacritous, amenable, amiable, appliable, applicable, approving, ardent, assentatious, assenting, bendable, bending, benevolent, benign, benignant, complaisant, compliable, complying, conceding, concessive, conformable, conforming, conscientious, consentient, consenting, constant, content, cooperative, decent, devoted, devout, disposed, docile, ductile, duteous, dutiful, eager, elastic, endorsing, enthusiastic, exploitable, extensible, extensile, fabricable, facile, fain, faithful, favorable, favorably disposed, favorably inclined, fictile, flexible, flexile, flexuous, formable, formative, forward, game, generous, giving, gracious, humble, impressible, impressionable, in the mind, in the mood, inclined, indulgent, kind, kindly, law-abiding, like putty, limber, lissome, lithe, lithesome, loyal, malleable, manipulable, meek, meticulous, minded, mindful, moldable, nondissenting, nonresistant, nonresisting, nonresistive, nothing loath, obedient, obliging, observant, operable, other-directed, overindulgent, overpermissive, passive, permissive, plastic, pliable, pliant, practical, practicing, predisposed, prompt, prone, punctilious, punctual, quick, ratifying, ready, ready and willing, receptive, reconciled, regardful, resigned, responsive, reusable, sanctioning, scrupulous, sensitive, sequacious, servile, shapable, springy, submissive, subservient, supine, supple, susceptible, tractable, tractile, true, unassertive, uncomplaining, ungrudging, unloath, unrefusing, unreluctant, unresistant, unresisting, usable, utilizable, well-disposed, well-inclined, whippy, willed, willing, willinghearted, willowy, yielding, zealous




N obedience, observance, compliance, submission, subjection, nonresistance, passiveness, resignation, allegiance, loyalty, fealty, homage, deference, devotion, constancy, fidelity, submissness, submissiveness, ductility, obsequiousness, obedient, complying, compliant, loyal, faithful, devoted, at one's call, at one's command, at one's orders, at one's beck and call, under beck and call, under control, restrainable, resigned, passive, submissive, henpecked, pliant, unresisted, obediently, in compliance with, in obedience to, to hear is to obey, as you please, if you please, your wish is my command, as you wish, no sooner said than done.

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