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compellationn. [L. compellatio, fr. compellare to accost, fr. compellere. See Compel.].
     Style of address or salutation; an appellation.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
    "He useth this endearing compellation, “My little children.”"  [1913 Webster]
    "The peculiar compellation of the kings in France is by “Sire,” which is nothing else but father."  [1913 Webster]




N nomenclature, naming, nuncupation, nomination, baptism, orismology, onomatopoeia, antonomasia, name, appelation, appelative, designation, title, heading, rubric, caption, denomination, by-name, epithet, style, proper name, praenomen, agnomen, cognomen, patronymic, surname, cognomination, eponym, compellation, description, antonym, empty title, empty name, handle to one's name, namesake, term, expression, noun, byword, convertible terms, technical term, cant, named, hight, ycleped, known as, what one may well, call fairly, call properly, call fitly, nuncupatory, nuncupative, cognominal, titular, nominal, orismological, beggar'd all description.

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