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commentatorn. [L. commentator: cf. F. commentateur.].
     One who writes a commentary or comments; an expositor; an annotator.  [1913 Webster]
    "The commentator's professed object is to explain, to enforce, to illustrate doctrines claimed as true."  [1913 Webster]


commentator, n.
1 a person who provides a commentary on an event etc.
2 the writer of a commentary.
3 a person who writes or speaks on current events.

L f. commentari frequent. of comminisci devise



AFTRA, DJ, MC, allegorist, anchor man, annotator, announcer, book reviewer, broadcaster, captious critic, carper, caviler, censor, censurer, cicerone, clarifier, cognoscente, commenter, connoisseur, critic, criticaster, criticizer, critickin, criticule, cryptanalyst, cryptographer, cryptologist, decoder, definer, demonstrator, demythologizer, diaskeuast, disk jockey, dragoman, editor, editorial writer, editorialist, emcee, emendator, emender, euhemerist, exegesist, exegete, exegetist, explainer, explicator, exponent, expositor, expounder, faultfinder, glossarist, glossographer, go-between, guide, hermeneut, interpreter, leader writer, lexicographer, literary critic, man of letters, master of ceremonies, metaphrast, muckraker, news analyst, news commentator, newscaster, oneirocritic, paraphrast, program director, programmer, publicist, radiobroadcaster, reviewer, scholiast, smellfungus, social critic, sound-effects man, sportscaster, textual critic, translator




N dissertation, treatise, essay, thesis, theme, monograph, tract, tractate, tractation, discourse, memoir, disquisition, lecture, sermon, homily, pandect, excursus, commentary, review, critique, criticism, article, leader, leading article, editorial, running commentary, investigation, study, discussion, exposition, commentator, critic, essayist, pamphleteer, discursive, discoursive, disquisitionary, expository.


N judgment, result, conclusion, upshot, deduction, inference, ergotism, illation, corollary, porism, moral, estimation, valuation, appreciation, judication, dijudication, adjudication, arbitrament, arbitrement, arbitration, assessment, ponderation, valorization, award, estimate, review, criticism, critique, notice, report, decision, determination, judgment, finding, verdict, sentence, decree, findings of fact, findings of law, res judicata, plebiscite, voice, casting vote, vote, opinion, good judgment, judge, umpire, arbiter, arbitrator, asessor, referee, censor, reviewer, critic, connoisseur, commentator, inspector, inspecting officer, twenty-twenty hindsight, armchair general, monday morning quarterback, judging, judicious, determinate, conclusive, on the whole, all things considered, a Daniel come to judgment, and stand a critic, hated yet caress'd, it is much easier to be critical than to be correc, la critique est aisee et l'art est difficile, nothing if not critical, O most lame and impotent conclusion.


N interpreter, expositor, expounder, exponent, explainer, demonstrator, scholiast, commentator, annotator, metaphrast, paraphrast, glossarist, prolocutor, spokesman, speaker, mouthpiece, dragoman, courier, valet de place, cicerone, showman, oneirocritic, (Edipus, oracle).

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