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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


comeback, n.
1 a return to a previous (esp. successful) state.
2 sl. a retaliation or retort.
3 Austral. a sheep bred from crossbred and purebred parents for both wool and meat.



Parthian shot, acknowledgment, answer, answering, antiphon, back answer, back talk, backchat, backfire, boomerang, caustic remark, convalescence, counter, counterattack, counterblast, counterblow, counterfire, counterinsurgency, countermeasure, counterrevolution, counterstep, counterstroke, crack, cut, cutting remark, defense, dig, dump, echo, evasive reply, exchange, fleer, flout, foolery, gibe, gibing retort, give-and-take, interchange, jab, jape, jeer, jest, leg-pull, mock, parting shot, put-down, put-on, quip, rally, reaction, ready reply, receipt, reciprocation, recoil, recovery, recuperation, rejoinder, repartee, replication, reply, repost, rescript, rescription, respondence, response, responsion, responsory, retaliation, retort, return, reverberation, riposte, rude reproach, scoff, scurrility, short answer, slam, slap, snappy comeback, swipe, taunt, twit, verbal thrust, witty reply, witty retort, yes-and-no answer

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