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coloratura, n.
1 elaborate ornamentation of a vocal melody.
2 a singer (esp. a soprano) skilled in coloratura singing.

It. f. L colorare COLOUR



acciaccatura, alto, appoggiatura, arabesque, aria, aria buffa, aria cantabile, aria da capo, aria da chiesa, aria di bravura, aria di coloratura, aria fugata, aria parlante, arietta, arioso, baritone, bass, bel canto, bourdon, bravura, burden, cadence, cadenza, cantabile, chest voice, choral, choral singing, choric, croon, crooning, division, dramatic, drone, drone bass, embellishment, falsetto, fioritura, flight, flourish, folk singing, grace, grace note, head voice, heroic, hum, humming, hymnal, incidental, incidental note, intonation, liturgical, long mordent, lyric, lyricism, mordent, operatic, operatic singing, ornament, passage, pralltriller, psalmic, psalmodial, psalmodic, recitative, roulade, run, sacred, scat, scat singing, singing, single mordent, sol-fa, sol-fa exercise, solfeggio, solmization, solo, song, soprano, tenor, tonic sol-fa, treble, turn, vocal, vocal music, vocalization, voce, voce di petto, voce di testa, voice, warbling, yodel, yodeling

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