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Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


colonizev. t. [Cf. F. coloniser.].
     To plant or establish a colony or colonies in; to people with colonists; to migrate to and settle in.  Bacon.  [1913 Webster]
    "They that would thus colonize the stars with inhabitants."  [1913 Webster]
colonizev. i. 
     To remove to, and settle in, a distant country; to make a colony.  C. Buchanan.  [1913 Webster]


colonize, v. (also -ise)
1 tr. a establish a colony or colonies in (a country or area). b settle as colonists.
2 intr. establish or join a colony.
3 tr. US Polit. plant voters in (a district) for party purposes.
4 tr. Biol. (of plants and animals) become established (in an area).

colonization n. colonizer n.



adopt, anchor, appropriate, arrogate, assume, billet at, bivouac, burrow, camp, come to anchor, conquer, denizen, domesticate, drop anchor, empeople, ensconce, enslave, establish residence, hive, hog, indent, inhabit, jump a claim, keep house, live at, locate, make free with, make use of, monopolize, moor, move, nest, occupy, overrun, park, people, perch, plant, populate, preempt, preoccupy, prepossess, relocate, requisition, reside, roost, set up housekeeping, set up shop, settle, settle down, settle in, sit down, sit on, squat, squat on, stand, stay at, strike root, subjugate, take all of, take it all, take over, take possession of, take residence at, take root, take up, take up residence, usurp




VB place, situate, locate, localize, make a place for, put, lay, set, seat, station, lodge, quarter, post, install, house, stow, establish, fix, pin, root, graft, plant, shelve, pitch, camp, lay down, deposit, reposit, cradle, moor, tether, picket, pack, tuck in, embed, imbed, vest, invest in, billet on, quarter upon, saddle with, load, lade, freight, pocket, put up, bag, inhabit, domesticate, colonize, take root, strike root, anchor, cast anchor, come to an anchor, sit down, settle down, settle, take up one's abode, take up one's quarters, plant oneself, establish oneself, locate oneself, squat, perch, hive, se nicher, bivouac, burrow, get a footing, encamp, pitch one's tent, put up at, put up one's horses at, keep house, endenizen, naturalize, adopt, put back, replace.

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