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colloquyn. [L. colloquium. See Collocution.].
  •  Mutual discourse of two or more persons; conference; conversation.  [1913 Webster]
    "They went to Worms, to the colloquy there about religion."  [1913 Webster]
  •  In some American colleges, a part in exhibitions, assigned for a certain scholarship rank; a designation of rank in collegiate scholarship.  [1913 Webster]


colloquy, n. (pl. -quies)
1 the act of conversing.
2 a conversation.
3 Eccl. a gathering for discussion of theological questions.

L colloquium (as COM-, loqui speak)



chat, colloquial discourse, colloquium, communication, communion, confabulation, conversation, converse, conversing, dialogue, discourse, exchange, give-and-take, intercourse, interlocution, palaver, parley, rap session, rapping, seminar, talk, verbal intercourse




N conversation, interlocution, collocution, colloquy, converse, confabulation, talk, discourse, verbal intercourse, oral communication, commerce, dialogue, duologue, trialogue, causerie, chat, chitchat, small talk, table talk, teatable talk, town talk, village talk, idle talk, tattle, gossip, tittle-tattle, babble, babblement, tripotage, cackle, prittle-prattle, cancan, on dit, talk of the town, talk of the village, conference, parley, interview, audience, pourparler, tete-a-tete, reception, conversazione, congress, powwow, hall of audience, durbar, palaver, debate, logomachy, war of words, gossip, tattler, Paul Pry, tabby, chatterer, interlocutor, conversationist, dialogist, the feast of reason and the flow of soul, mollia tempora fandi, conversing, interlocutory, conversational, conversable, discursive, discoursive, chatty, colloquial, with thee conversing I forget all time.

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