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Verb (transitive)


colligatev. t. [L. colligatus, p. p. of colligare to collect; co- + ligare to bind.].
  •  To tie or bind together.  [1913 Webster]
    "The pieces of isinglass are colligated in rows."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bring together by colligation; to sum up in a single proposition.  [1913 Webster]
    "He had discovered and colligated a multitude of the most wonderful . . . phenomena."  [1913 Webster]
     Bound together.  [1913 Webster]


colligate, v.tr. bring into connection (esp. isolated facts by a generalization).

colligation n.
L colligare colligat- (as COM-, ligare bind)




VB assemble, collect, muster, meet, unite, join, rejoin, cluster, flock, swarm, surge, stream, herd, crowd, throng, associate, congregate, conglomerate, concentrate, precipitate, center round, rendezvous, resort, come together, flock get together, pig together, forgather, huddle, reassemble, assemble, muster, bring together, get together, put together, draw together, scrape together, lump together, collect, collocate, colligate, get, whip in, gather, hold a meeting, convene, convoke, convocate, rake up, dredge, heap, mass, pile, pack, put up, truss, cram, acervate, agglomerate, aggregate, compile, group, aggroup, concentrate, unite, collect into a focus, bring into a focus, amass, accumulate, collect in a dragnet, heap Ossa upon Pelion.

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