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Adjective, Noun


collegiatea. [L. collegiatus.].
     Of or pertaining to a college; as, collegiate studies; a collegiate society.  Johnson.  [1913 Webster]
Collegiate church. (a) A church which, although not a bishop's seat, resembles a cathedral in having a college, or chapter of canons (and, in the Church of England, a dean), as Westminster Abbey. (b) An association of churches, possessing common revenues and administered under the joint pastorate of several ministers; as, the Reformed (Dutch) Collegiate Church of New York.
     A member of a college.  Burton.  [1913 Webster]


collegiate, adj. constituted as or belonging to a college; corporate.

collegiate church
1 a church endowed for a chapter of canons but without a bishop's see.
2 US & Sc. a church or group of churches established under a joint pastorate.
collegiately adv.
LL collegiatus (as COLLEGE)



academic, autodidactic, bookish, classroom, college-bred, extramural, graduate, interscholastic, intramural, learned, postgraduate, preschool, scholastic, school, schoolboyish, schoolgirlish, sophomoric, studentlike, studious, undergraduate, university




N school, academy, university, alma mater, college, seminary, Lyceum, institute, institution, palaestra, Gymnasium, class, seminar, day school, boarding school, preparatory school, primary school, infant school, dame's school, grammar school, middle class school, Board school, denominational school, National school, British and Foreign school, collegiate school, art school, continuation school, convent school, County Council school, government school, grant-in-aid school, high school, higher grade school, military school, missionary school, naval school, naval academy, state-aided school, technical school, voluntary school, school, school of art, kindergarten, nursery, creche, reformatory, pulpit, lectern, soap box desk, reading desk, ambo, lecture room, theater, auditorium, amphitheater, forum, state, rostrum, platform, hustings, tribune, school book, horn book, text book, grammar, primer, abecedary, rudiments, manual, vade mecum, encyclopedia, cyclopedia, Lindley Murray, Cocker, dictionary, lexicon, professorship, lectureship, readership, fellowship, tutorship, chair, School Board Council of Education, Board of Education, Board of Studies, Prefect of Studies, Textbook Committee, propaganda, scholastic, academic, collegiate, educational, ex cathedra.

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