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cohortn. [L. cohors, prop. an inclosure: cf. F. cohorte. See Court, n.].
  •  A body of about five or six hundred soldiers; the tenth part of a legion.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any band or body of warriors.  [1913 Webster]
    "With him the cohort bright
    Of watchful cherubim.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A natural group of orders of plants, less comprehensive than a class.  [1913 Webster]


cohort, n.
1 an ancient Roman military unit, equal to one-tenth of a legion.
2 a band of warriors.
3 a persons banded or grouped together, esp. in a common cause. b a group of persons with a common statistical characteristic.
4 US a companion or colleague.

ME f. F cohorte or L cohors cohort- enclosure, company



KP, abettor, accessory, accomplice, accomplice in crime, adherent, adjunct, age group, ally, army, army group, associate, attendance, attendant, band, battalion, battery, battle group, bedfellow, bevy, body, body of retainers, brigade, brother, brother-in-arms, bunch, cabal, cadre, cast, clique, coadjutor, coconspirator, colleague, column, combat command, combat team, companion, company, compatriot, compeer, complement, comrade, confederate, confrere, consociate, consort, contingent, copartner, corps, cortege, coterie, court, covey, crew, crony, crowd, detachment, detail, disciple, division, entourage, faction, fellow, fellow conspirator, fellow member, field army, field train, file, fleet, flying column, follower, following, friend, gang, garrison, group, grouping, groupment, henchman, in-group, junta, kitchen police, legion, maniple, mate, mob, movement, organization, out-group, outfit, pack, parasite, pard, partisan, party, peer group, phalanx, platoon, posse, rank, regiment, retinue, rout, salon, satellite, sectary, section, set, socius criminis, squad, squadron, stable, string, suite, supporter, tactical unit, task force, team, train, tribe, troop, troupe, unit, wing




N combatant, disputant, controversialist, polemic, litigant, belligerent, competitor, rival, corrival, fighter, assailant, champion, Paladin, mosstrooper, swashbuckler fire eater, duelist, bully, bludgeon man, rough, prize fighter, pugilist, boxer, bruiser, the fancy, gladiator, athlete, wrestler, fighting-cock, game-cock, warrior, soldier, fighting man, Amazon, man at arms, armigerent, campaigner, veteran, swordsman, sabreur, redcoat, military man, Rajput, armed force, troops, soldiery, military forces, sabaoth, the army, standing army, regulars, the line, troops of the line, militia, yeomanry, volunteers, trainband, fencible, auxiliary, bersagliere, brave, garde-nationale, garde-royale, minuteman, auxiliary forces, reserve forces, reserves, posse comitatus, national guard, gendarme, beefeater, guards, guardsman, yeomen of the guard, life guards, household troops, janissary, myrmidon, Mama, Mameluke, spahee, spahi, Cossack, Croat, Pandoz, irregular, guerilla, partisan, condottiere, franctireur, tirailleur, bashi-bazouk, vietminh, vietcong, shining path, contras, huk, hukbalahap, mercenary, soldier of fortune, hired gun, gunfighter, gunslinger, bushwhacker, free lance, companion, Hessian, hit man torpedo, soldier, levy, draught, Landwehr, Landsturm, conscript, recruit, cadet, raw levies, infantry, infantryman, private, private soldier, foot soldier, Tommy Atkins, rank and file, peon, trooper, sepoy, legionnaire, legionary, cannon fodder, food for powder, officer, subaltern, ensign, standard bearer, spearman, pikeman, spear bearer, halberdier, lancer, musketeer, carabineer, rifleman, jager, sharpshooter, yager, skirmisher, grenadier, fusileer, archer, bowman, horse and foot, horse soldier, cavalry, horse, artillery, horse artillery, light horse, voltigeur, uhlan, mounted rifles, dragoon, hussar, light dragoon, heavy dragoon, heavy, cuirassier, Foot Guards, Horse Guards, gunner, cannoneer, bombardier, artilleryman, matross, sapper, sapper and miner, engineer, light infantry, rifles, chasseur, zouave, military train, coolie, army, corps d'armee, host, division, battalia, column, wing, detachment, garrison, flying column, brigade, regiment, corps, battalion, sotnia, squadron, company, platoon, battery, subdivision, section, squad, piquet, picket, guard, rank, file, legion, phalanx, cohort, cloud of skirmishers, war horse, charger, destrier, marine, man-of-war's man, navy, wooden walls, naval forces, fleet, flotilla, armada, squadron, man-of-war, destroyer, submarine, minesweeper, torpedo-boat, torpedo-destroyer, patrol torpedo boat, PT boat, torpedo- catcher, war castle, H, M, S, battleship, battle wagon, dreadnought, line of battle ship, ship of the line, aircraft carrier, carrier, flattop, helicopter carrier, missile platform, missile boat, ironclad, turret ship, ram, monitor, floating battery, first- rate, frigate, sloop of war, corvette, gunboat, bomb vessel, flagship, guard ship, cruiser, armored cruiser, protected cruiser, privateer, tender, store ship, troop ship, transport, catamaran, merchant marine.

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