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coast guard


Noun Phrase


coast guard

Naval Construction Battalion, RN, Royal Navy, Seabees, USN, United States Navy, advance guard, air-sea rescue, argosy, armada, armed guard, bank guard, cordon, cordon sanitaire, division, escadrille, fleet, flotilla, garrison, goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, guard, guarder, guardsman, inlying picket, jailer, lifeboat, lifeguard, lifesaver, marine, merchant fleet, merchant marine, merchant navy, mosquito fleet, naval forces, naval militia, naval reserve, navy, outguard, outpost, picket, rear guard, rescuer, savior, security guard, squadron, task force, task group, train guard, van, vanguard, warder


coast guard


N keeper, custodian, custos, ranger, warder, jailer, gaoler, turnkey, castellan, guard, watchdog, watchman, Charley, chokidar, durwan, hayward, sentry, sentinel, watch and ward, concierge, coast guard, guarda costa, game keeper, escort, bodyguard, protector, governor, duenna, guardian, governess, nurse, nanny, babysitter, catsitter, dogsitter, bonne, ayah.

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