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1 in 1 verses (in OT : 1 in 1 verses)


     In a clumsy manner; awkwardly; as, to walk clumsily.  [1913 Webster]



airily, any old way, any which way, anyhow, ass-backwards, awkwardly, blunderingly, bunglingly, carelessly, casually, cumbersomely, cursorily, disregardfully, forgetfully, gracelessly, haphazardly, heedlessly, helter-skelter, hit and miss, hit or miss, hulkily, inattentively, inconsiderately, inconveniently, inelegantly, maladroitly, messily, offhand, offhandedly, once over lightly, perfunctorily, ponderously, promiscuously, recklessly, regardlessly, slapdash, sloppily, tactlessly, thoughtlessly, uncouthly, ungracefully, unguardedly, unhandily, unheedfully, unheedingly, unmanageably, unmindfully, unsolicitously, unthinkingly, unvigilantly, unwarily, unwieldily

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