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classified (root: classify)




  •  arranged into classes or categories; as, unclassified.  [WordNet 1.5]
  •  assigned to a class of documents withheld from general circulation; -- of information or documents. Opposite of unclassified.
    "[Narrower terms: eyes-only; confidential; restricted; secret; sensitive; top-secret]"  [WordNet 1.5]


classified, adj.
1 arranged in classes or categories.
2 (of information etc.) designated as officially secret.
3 Brit. (of a road) assigned to a category according to its importance.
4 Brit. (of newspaper advertisements) arranged in columns according to various categories.



aligned, arcane, arranged, arrayed, assorted, cabalistic, cataloged, categorized, censored, close, closed, composed, concealed, constituted, cryptic, dark, disposed, enigmatic, esoteric, filed, fixed, graded, grouped, harmonized, hermetic, hidden, hierarchic, hush-hush, indexed, latent, marshaled, methodized, mysterious, normalized, occult, on file, ordered, orderly, organized, pigeonholed, placed, pyramidal, ranged, ranked, rated, regularized, regulated, restricted, routinized, secret, smothered, sorted, standardized, stifled, stratified, suppressed, synchronized, systematized, tabular, top secret, ulterior, unbreatheable, under security, under wraps, undisclosable, undisclosed, undivulgable, undivulged, unrevealable, unrevealed, unspoken, untellable, untold, unutterable, unuttered, unwhisperable

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