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chevaliern. [F., fr. LL. caballarius. See Cavaller.].
  •  A horseman; a knight; a gallant young man.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A member of certain orders of knighthood.  [1913 Webster]
∥Chevalier d'industrie ( [F.], one who lives by persevering fraud; a pickpocket; a sharper. -- The Chevalier St. George (Eng. Hist.), James Francis Edward Stuart (son of James II.), called “The Pretender.” -- The Young Chevalier, Charles Edward Stuart, son of the Chevalier St. George.


chevalier, n.
1 a a member of certain orders of knighthood, and of modern French orders, as the Legion of Honour. b archaic or hist. a knight.
2 hist. the title of the Old and Young Pretenders.
3 a chivalrous man; a cavalier.

ME f. AF chevaler, OF chevalier f. med.L caballarius f. L caballus horse



Bayard, Don Quixote, Gawain, Lancelot, Ritter, Sidney, Sir Galahad, bachelor, banneret, baronet, broncobuster, buckaroo, caballero, cavalier, cavalryman, circus rider, companion, cowboy, cowgirl, cowpuncher, equestrian, equestrienne, gallant, gaucho, horse soldier, horseback rider, horsebacker, horseman, horsewoman, jockey, knight, knight bachelor, knight banneret, knight baronet, knight-errant, mounted policeman, postboy, postilion, puncher, rider, roughrider, steeplechaser, trick rider, vaquero




N nobility, rank, condition, distinction, optimacy, blood, pur sang, birth, high descent, order, quality, gentility, blue blood of Castile, ancien regime, high life, haute monde, upper classes, upper ten thousand, the four hundred, elite, aristocracy, great folks, fashionable world, peer, peerage, house of lords, house of peers, lords, lords temporal and spiritual, noblesse, noble, nobleman, lord, lordling, grandee, magnifico, hidalgo, daimio, daimyo, samurai, shizoku, don, donship, aristocrat, swell, three- tailed bashaw, gentleman, squire, squireen, patrician, laureate, gentry, gentlefolk, squirarchy, better sort magnates, primates, optimates, pantisocracy, king, atheling, prince, duke, marquis, marquisate, earl, viscount, baron, thane, banneret, baronet, baronetcy, knight, knighthood, count, armiger, laird, signior, seignior, esquire, boyar, margrave, vavasour, emir, ameer, scherif, sharif, effendi, wali, sahib, chevalier, maharaja, nawab, palsgrave, pasha, rajah, waldgrave, princess, begum, duchess, marchioness, countess, lady, dame, memsahib, Do$a, maharani, rani, personage of distinction, man of distinction, personage of rank, man of rank, personage of mark, man of mark, notables, notabilities, celebrity, bigwig, magnate, great man, star, superstar, big bug, big gun, great gun, gilded rooster, magni nominis umbra, every inch a king, noble, exalted, of rank, princely, titled, patrician, aristocratic, high-, well-born, of gentle blood, genteel, comme il faut, gentlemanlike, courtly, highly respectable, in high quarters, Adel sitzt im Gemuthe nicht im Gebluete, adelig und edel sind zweierlei, noblesse oblige.

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