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ceremoniousa. [Cf. F. cérémonieux, L. Caerimoniosus.].
     According to prescribed or customary rules and forms; devoted to forms and ceremonies; formally respectful; punctilious.  Addison.  [1913 Webster]
    "[In this sense ceremonial is now preferred.]"  [1913 Webster]
    "The ceremonious part of His worship."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Formal; precise; exact. See Formal.


ceremonious, adj.
1 excessively polite; punctilious.
2 having or showing a fondness for ritualistic observance or formality.

ceremoniously adv. ceremoniousness n.
F c{eacute}r{eacute}monieux or LL caerimoniosus (as CEREMONY)



High-Church, attentive, baptismal, cap in hand, careful, ceremonial, chivalric, chivalrous, civil, conventional, correct, courteous, courtly, decorous, deferential, dignified, dutiful, eucharistic, formal, formular, formulary, gallant, grandiose, hieratic, honorific, imposing, impressive, knightly, liturgic, liturgistic, majestic, moving, old-fashioned, old-world, paschal, polite, pompous, proper, punctilious, regardful, respectful, ritual, ritualistic, sacerdotal, sacramental, sacramentarian, seemly, solemn, starchy, stately, stiff, striking, stuffy, well-mannered




N ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage, pomp, array, state, solemnity, dash, splash, splurge, glitter, strut, pomposity, pretense, pretensions, showing off, fuss, magnificence, splendor, coup d'oeil, grand doings, coup de theatre, stage effect, stage trick, claptrap, mise en scene, tour de force, chic, demonstration, flying colors, tomfoolery, flourish of trumpets, pageant, pageantry, spectacle, exhibition, exposition, procession, turn out, set out, grand function, f=ete, gala, field day, review, march past, promenade, insubstantial pageant, dress, court dress, full dress, evening dress, ball dress, fancy dress, tailoring, millinery, man millinery, frippery, foppery, equipage, ceremony, ceremonial, ritual, form, formality, etiquette, puncto, punctilio, punctiliousness, starched stateliness, stateliness, mummery, solemn mockery, mouth honor, attitudinarian, fop, ostentatious, showy, dashing, pretentious, janty, jaunty, grand, pompous, palatial, high-sounding, turgid gairish, garish, gaudy, gaudy as a peacock, gaudy as a butterfly, gaudy as a tulip, flaunting, flashing, flaming, glittering, gay, splendid, magnificent, sumptuous, theatrical, dramatic, spectacular, ceremonial, ritual, solemn, stately, majestic, formal, stiff, ceremonious, punctilious, starched, dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, decjed out, all decked out, en granite tenue, in best bib and tucker, in Sunday best, endimanch_e, chic, with flourish of trumpet, with beat of drum, with flying colors, ad captandum vulgus, honores mutant mores.


N respect, regard, consideration, courtesy, attention, deference, reverence, honor, esteem, estimation, veneration, admiration, approbation, homage, fealty, obeisance, genuflection, kneeling prostration, obsequiousness, salaam, kowtow, bow, presenting arms, salute, respects, regards, duty, devoirs, egards, devotion, respecting, respectful, deferential, decorous, reverential, obsequious, ceremonious, bareheaded, cap in hand, on one's knees, prostrate, respected, in high esteem, in high estimation, time-honored, venerable, emeritus, in deference to, with all respect, with all due respect, with due respect, with the highest respect, with submission, saving your grace, saving your presence, salva sit reverentia, pace tanti nominis, Int, hail!, all hail!, esto perpetua!, may your shadow never be less!, and pluck up drowned honor by the locks, his honor rooted in dishonor stood, honor pricks me on.

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