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celtn. [L. Celtae, Gr. Keltoi`, Ke`ltai, pl.: cf. W. Celtiad one that dwells in a covert, an inhabitant of the wood, a Celt, fr. celt covert, shelter, celu to hide.].
     One of an ancient race of people, who formerly inhabited a great part of Central and Western Europe, and whose descendants at the present day occupy Ireland, Wales, the Highlands of Scotland, and the northern shores of France.  [1913 Webster]
celtn. [LL. celts a chisel.].
     A weapon or implement of stone or metal, found in the tumuli, or barrows, of the early Celtic nations.  [1913 Webster]


celt, n. (also Kelt) a member of a group of W. European peoples, including the pre-Roman inhabitants of Britain and Gaul and their descendants, esp. in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Brittany, and the Isle of Man.

L Celtae (pl.) f. Gk Keltoi
celt, n. Archaeol. a stone or metal prehistoric implement with a chisel edge.

med.L celtes chisel

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