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celestial hierarchy | celestial horizon | celestial latitude | celestial longitude | celestial mechanics | celestial navigation | celestial orbit | celestial point | celestial pole | celestial sphere | celestialize

celestial navigation


Noun Phrase
ce=les=ti=al nav=i=ga=tion


celestial navigation

VAR, aspect, astronavigation, attitude, automatic electronic navigation, azimuth, bearing, bearings, chronometer, coastwise navigation, consolan, dead reckoning, electronic navigation, exposure, fix, frontage, lay, lie, line of position, loran, navar, navigation, omnidirectional range, omnirange, orientation, pilotage, plane sailing, point-to-point navigation, position, position line, radar, radio beacon, radio bearing, radio navigation, set, sextant, shoran, sofar, sonar, tables, tacan, teleran, visual-aural range

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