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burglaryn. [Fr. Burglar; cf. LL. burglaria.].
     Breaking and entering the dwelling house of another, in the nighttime, with intent to commit a felony therein, whether the felonious purpose be accomplished or not.  Wharton. Burrill.  [1913 Webster]
    " By statute law in some of the United States, burglary includes the breaking with felonious intent into a house by day as well as by night, and into other buildings than dwelling houses. Various degrees of the crime are established."  [1913 Webster]


burglary, n. (pl. -ies)
1 entry into a building illegally with intent to commit theft, do bodily harm, or do damage.
2 an instance of this.

Before 1968 in English law a crime under statute and in common law; after 1968 a statutory crime only (cf. HOUSEBREAKING).
legal AF burglarie: see BURGLAR



break-in, breaking and entering, burglarizing, caper, filch, grab, heist, housebreaking, job, lift, pinch, rip-off, robbery, safeblowing, safebreaking, safecracking, steal, theft, unlawful entry




N stealing, theft, thievery, latrociny, direption, abstraction, appropriation, plagiary, plagiarism, autoplagiarism, latrocinium, spoliation, plunder, pillage, sack, sackage, rapine, brigandage, foray, razzia, rape, depredation, raid, blackmail, piracy, privateering, buccaneering, license to plunder, letters of marque, letters of mark and reprisal, filibustering, filibusterism, burglary, housebreaking, badger game, robbery, highway robbery, hold-up, mugging, peculation, embezzlement, fraud, larceny, petty larceny, grand larceny, shoplifting, thievishness, rapacity, kleptomania, Alsatia, den of Cacus, den of thieves, blackmail, extortion, shakedown, Black Hand, thief, thieving, thievish, light-fingered, furacious, furtive, piratical, predaceous, predal, predatory, predatorial, raptorial, stolen, sic vos non vobis.

Also see definition of "burglary" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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