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bumpy, adj. (bumpier, bumpiest)
1 having many bumps (a bumpy road).
2 affected by bumps (a bumpy ride).

bumpily adv. bumpiness n.



bagging, baggy, ballooning, bellying, billowing, billowy, bloated, bosomy, bouncy, broken, bulbose, bulbous, bulging, bumped, bunched, bunchy, choppy, coarse, coarse-grained, corrugated, cross-grained, distended, grainy, granulated, hillocky, homespun, horripilant, hummocky, inequal, irregular, jarring, jerky, jogglety, joggling, joggly, jolting, jolty, knobbly, knobby, linsey-woolsey, lumpy, moutonnee, pimply, pitted, pneumatic, pocky, potbellied, potholed, pouching, rank, ripply, rough, rough-cast, rough-grained, rough-hewn, rounded, ruffled, rutted, rutty, shagged, shaggy, swelling, textured, uneven, unkempt, unlevel, unpolished, unrefined, unsmooth, ununiform, verrucated, verrucose, warty, wimpled

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