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  •  the act of building up an accumulation.  [WordNet 1.5]
  •  the events, such as advertising or publicity, causing increased interest in some coming event.  [PJC]



access, accession, accretion, accrual, accruement, accumulation, acknowledgment, addition, advance, advertising, advocacy, advocating, aggrandizement, amplification, appreciation, ascent, assemblage, assembly, augmentation, ballooning, bloating, blurb, boom, boost, broadening, bruiting, building, combination, commendation, composition, compound, constitution, construction, crescendo, development, drumbeating, edema, elevation, embodiment, enlargement, expansion, extension, fabrication, fashioning, flack, flood, formation, gain, getup, good word, greatening, growth, gush, hike, honorable mention, hype, incorporation, increase, increment, inflation, jump, junction, leap, make, makeup, mixture, mounting, multiplication, organization, piecing together, plug, press-agentry, productiveness, proliferation, promoting, promotion, publicization, publicizing, puff, puffery, putting together, raise, recognition, rise, setup, shaping, snowballing, spread, structure, structuring, surge, swelling, syneresis, synthesis, tumescence, up, upping, upsurge, upswing, uptrend, upturn, waxing, widening

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