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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Interjection


buggern. [F. bougre, fr. LL. Bulgarus, a Bulgarian, and also a heretic; because the inhabitants of Bulgaria were infected with heresy. Those guilty of the crime of buggery were called heretics, because in the eyes of their adversaries there was nothing more heinous than heresy, and it was therefore thought that the origin of such a vice could only be owing to heretics.].
  •  One guilty of buggery or unnatural vice; a sodomite.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A wretch; -- sometimes used humorously or in playful disparagement.  [1913 Webster]


bugger, n., v., & int. coarse sl. (except in sense 2 of n. and 3 of v.)

bugger about (or around) (often foll. by with)
1 mess about.
2 mislead; persecute. bugger-all nothing. bugger off (often in imper.) go away.
Usually considered a taboo word.
1 a an unpleasant or awkward person or thing (the bugger won't fit). b a person of a specified kind (he's a miserable bugger; you clever bugger!).
2 a person who commits buggery.
1 as an exclamation of annoyance (bugger the thing!).
2 (often foll. by up) Brit. a ruin; spoil (really buggered it up; no good, its buggered). b exhaust, tire out.
3 commit buggery with.
--int. expressing annoyance.
ME f. MDu. f. OF bougre, orig. 'heretic' f. med.L Bulgarus Bulgarian (member of the Greek Church)



Mumbo Jumbo, SOB, bad boy, ball up, bastard, beat it, bird, bitch, bitch up, bloke, bobble, bogey, bogeyman, boggart, bogle, bollix, bollix up, bonehead into it, booger, boogerman, boogeyman, botch, boy, buffoon, bug, bugaboo, bugbear, bugger up, bungle, cat, chap, character, child, clear off, clear out, cock up, cook, coprophiliac, creep, cripple, cutup, dawdle, de-energize, debilitate, depart, destroy, devil, disable, disenable, drain, drop a brick, duck, elf, enfant terrible, enfeeble, erotomaniac, exhibitionist, fag, fart, fee-faw-fum, fellate, feller, fellow, fetishist, flub, fool, foul up, frazzle, fuck up, funmaker, geezer, go away, goof, goof up, gum up, guy, hamstring, hash up, heel, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, hors de combat, idiot, imp, inactivate, incapacitate, jasper, jerk, joker, jokester, kibosh, knave, knock, knock out, lad, lallygag, lame, leave, little devil, little monkey, little rascal, lollygag, louse, louse up, maim, make tracks, man, masochist, masturbate, meanie, mess up, minx, mischief, mischief-maker, mother, muck up, narcissist, necrophiliac, nymphomaniac, outwear, paraphiliac, pederast, pedophiliac, pill, pixie, play hell with, play hob with, practical joker, prankster, prick, puck, puke, put, queer, queer the works, rapist, rapscallion, rascal, rat, ream, rogue, rowdy, ruffian, ruin, sabotage, sadist, satyr, scamp, scapegrace, scotophiliac, screw up, scum, shit, shithead, shitheel, sink, skedaddle, snafu, snarl up, sod, sodomist, sodomite, sodomize, spike, stinkard, stinker, stud, toad, tot, transvestite, tucker, turd, unfit, voyeur, wag, waste time, weaken, wear out, wing, wreck, zoophiliac

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