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bouillabaisse, n. Cookery a rich, spicy fish-stew, orig. from Provence.




Irish stew, bisque, borscht, bouillon, broth, burgoo, chicken soup, chowder, clam chowder, clear soup, consomme, curry, egg drop soup, etuvee, fish soup, fricassee, gazpacho, goulash, gravy soup, gumbo, julienne, matzo ball soup, meat stew, minestrone, misoshiru soup, mock turtle soup, mulligan, mulligan stew, mulligatawny, olio, olla, olla podrida, oxtail soup, oyster stew, paella, pot-au-feu, potage, potage au tomate, potato soup, pottage, puree, ragout, soup, stew, stock, thick soup, thin soup, tomato soup, turtle soup, vegetable soup, vichyssoise, won ton soup

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