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7 in 7 verses (in OT : 2 in 2 verses) (in NT : 5 in 5 verses)


boldlyadv. [AS. bealdlīce.].
     In a bold manner.  [1913 Webster]



arrantly, audaciously, blatantly, boldfacedly, bravely, brazenfacedly, brazenly, bulldoggishly, chivalrously, conspicuously, courageously, daringly, doughtily, fearlessly, flagrantly, gallantly, gamely, glaringly, gutsily, hardily, heroically, intrepidly, knightly, like a man, like a soldier, markedly, notably, noticeably, notoriously, obtrusively, ostensibly, outstandingly, pertinaciously, pluckily, prominently, pronouncedly, resolutely, saliently, shamelessly, spunkily, stalwartly, staringly, stoutly, strikingly, tenaciously, unblushingly, unfearfully, unfearingly, valiantly, valorously, yeomanly

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