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6 in 6 verses (in OT : 6 in 6 verses)


  •  the boarding that surrounds an ice hockey rink.  [WordNet 1.5]
  •  the stage; as, to walk the boards, i.e. to act on stage.  [PJC]
  •  board examinations (in a profession, as in medicine); -- an informal contraction; as, to take the boards; he flunked the boards.  [PJC]



Broadway, L, R, acting area, apron, apron stage, backstage, band shell, bandstand, board, bridge, burlesque, carnival, circus, coulisse, dock, drama, dressing room, entertainment industry, flies, fly floor, fly gallery, forestage, greenroom, grid, gridiron, legit, legitimate stage, lightboard, off Broadway, off-off-Broadway, orchestra, orchestra pit, performing area, pit, playland, proscenium, proscenium stage, repertory drama, shell, show biz, show business, stage, stage left, stage right, stage world, stagedom, stageland, stock, strawhat, strawhat circuit, summer stock, switchboard, the boards, the footlights, the scenes, the stage, the theater, theater world, theatromania, theatrophobia, variety, vaudeville, wings




N arena, field, platform, scene of action, theater, walk, course, hustings, stare, boards, amphitheater, Coliseum, Colosseum, Flavian amphitheater, hippodrome, circus, race course, corso, turf, cockpit, bear garden, playground, gymnasium, palestra, ring, lists, tiltyard, tilting ground, Campus Martins, Champ de Allars, campus, boxing ring, canvas, theater of war, seat of war, battle-field, battle-ground, field of battle, field of slaughter, Aceldama, camp, the enemy's camp, trusting place.

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