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Photostat, Xerox, Xerox copy, accelerando, acceleration, access, aggravation, backfire, bang, beefing-up, blast, blaze of temper, blowing up, blowout, blueprint, boom, burst, concentration, condensation, consolidation, contact printing, cyanotype, deepening, detonation, discharge, enhancement, enlargement, eruption, exacerbation, exaggeration, explosion, flare, flare-up, flash, fulguration, fulmination, glossy, heating-up, heightening, high words, hologram, information explosion, intensification, lantern slide, magnification, matte, microcopy, microprint, outburst, photocopy, photogravure, photostatic copy, pickup, population explosion, positive, print, projection printing, redoubling, reinforcement, report, scene, semi-matte, slide, speedup, step-up, storm, strengthening, tightening, transparency

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