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blow in


Verb (intransitive)


blow in

accomplish, achieve, approach, arrive, arrive at, arrive in, attain, attain to, be received, bob up, check in, clock in, come, come in, come to, come to hand, fetch, fetch up at, find, gain, get, get in, get there, get to, hit, hit town, make, make it, pop up, pull in, punch in, reach, ring in, roll in, show, show up, sign in, time in, turn up


blow in


VB be prodigal, squander, lavish, sow broadcast, pour forth like water, blow, blow in, pay through the nose, spill, waste, dissipate, exhaust, drain, eat out of house and home, overdraw, outrun the constable, run out, run through, misspend, throw good money after bad, throw the helve after the hatchet, burn the candle at both ends, make ducks and drakes of one's money, fool away one's money, potter away one's money, muddle away one's money, fritter away one's money, throw away one's money, run through one's money, pour water into a sieve, kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, manger son ble en herbe.

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