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  •  One who, or that which, blots; esp. a device for absorbing superfluous ink.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A wastebook, in which entries of transactions are made as they take place.  [1913 Webster]


blotter, n.
1 a sheet or sheets of blotting-paper, usu. inserted into a frame.
2 US a temporary recording-book, esp. a police charge-sheet.



Domesday Book, absorbency, absorbent, absorption, account book, address book, adsorbent, adsorption, adversaria, album, annual, appointment calendar, appointment schedule, assimilation, blankbook, bloat, blotting, blotting paper, boozehound, boozer, calendar, cashbook, catalog, chemisorption, chemosorption, classified catalog, commonplace book, court calendar, daybook, desk calendar, diary, digestion, diptych, docket, drunk, endosmosis, engagement book, engrossment, exosmosis, guzzler, inebriate, infiltration, journal, ledger, log, logbook, loose-leaf notebook, lush, memo book, memorandum book, memory book, notebook, osmosis, pad, percolation, petty cashbook, pocket notebook, pocketbook, police blotter, scrapbook, scratch pad, seepage, sorption, spiral notebook, sponge, sponging, table, tablet, triptych, workbook, writing tablet, yearbook




N cleanness, cleanliness, purity, cleaning, purification, defecation, purgation, lustration, detersion, abstersion, epuration, mundation, ablution, lavation, colature, disinfection, drainage, sewerage, lavatory, laundry, washhouse, washerwoman, laundress, dhobi, laundryman, washerman, scavenger, dustman, sweep, white wings brush, broom, besom, mop, rake, shovel, sieve, riddle, screen, filter, blotter, napkin, cloth, maukin, malkin, handkerchief, towel, sudary, doyley, doily, duster, sponge, mop, swab, cover, drugget, wash, lotion, detergent, cathartic, purgative, purifier, disinfectant, aperient, benzene, benzine benzol, benolin, bleaching powder, chloride of lime, dentifrice, deobstruent, laxative, clean, cleanly, pure, immaculate, spotless, stainless, taintless, trig, without a stain, unstained, unspotted, unsoiled, unsullied, untainted, uninfected, sweet, sweet as a nut, neat, spruce, tidy, trim, gimp, clean as a new penny, like a cat in pattens, cleaned, kempt, abstergent, cathartic, cleansing, purifying, neatly, clean as a whistle.

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