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blast off



blast offv. i. 
     to begin ascending from the ground under rocket power; -- of a rocket.  [PJC]


blast off

A, alpha, altitude peak, automatic control, begin, beginning, blast away, burn, burnout, ceiling, commence, commencement, creation, cutting edge, dawn, descent, dive in, edge, end of burning, establishment, fall to, fire, flight, flying start, foundation, fresh start, get to, go ahead, head into, ignition, impact, institution, jump off, jump-off, kick off, kick-off, launch, leading edge, lift-off, new departure, oncoming, onset, opening, origin, origination, outbreak, outset, pitch in, plunge into, project, rocket launching, running start, send off, send-off, set about, set in, set out, set sail, set to, setting in motion, setting-up, shoot, shot, square one, start, start in, start off, start out, start-off, starting point, take off, take-off, trajectory, turn to, velocity peak


blast off


VB sail, put to sea, take ship, get under way, set sail, spread sail, spread canvas, gather way, have way on, make sail, carry sail, plow the waves, plow the deep, plow the main, plow the ocean, walk the waters, navigate, warp, luff, scud, boom, kedge, drift, course, cruise, coast, hug the shore, hug the land, circumnavigate, ply the oar, row, paddle, pull, scull, punt, steam, swim, float, buffet the waves, ride the storm, skim, effleurer, dive, wade, fly, be wafted, hover, soar, flutter, jet, orbit, rocket, take wing, take a flight, take off, ascend, blast off, land, alight, wing one's flight, wing one's way, aviate, parachute, jump, glide.

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