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black lung



black lungn. 
     the popular name for a form of the chronic lung disease pneumoconiosis which is observed among coal miners, and is caused by the inhalation of coal dust. It is thus named because of the black appearance of the lungs (pneumomelanosis) of those affected with the disease. See also the related condition anthracosis.  [PJC.]


black lung

Asiatic flu, Hong Kong flu, Minamata disease, acute bronchitis, adenoiditis, altitude sickness, aluminosis, amygdalitis, anoxemia, anoxia, anoxic anoxia, anthracosilicosis, anthracosis, anthrax, asbestosis, asthma, atypical pneumonia, bituminosis, bronchial pneumonia, bronchiectasis, bronchiolitis, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, caisson disease, catarrh, chalicosis, chilblain, chronic bronchitis, cold, collapsed lung, common cold, coniosis, coryza, croup, croupous pneumonia, decompression sickness, double pneumonia, dry pleurisy, emphysema, empyema, epidemic pleurodynia, fibrinous pneumonia, flu, frostbite, grippe, hay fever, immersion foot, influenza, itai, jet lag, la grippe, laryngitis, lead poisoning, lipoid pneumonia, lobar pneumonia, lung cancer, lung fever, mercury poisoning, motion sickness, pharyngitis, pleurisy, pleuritis, pneumococcal pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, pneumonia, pneumonic fever, pneumothorax, quinsy, radiation sickness, radionecrosis, red-out, rheum, siderosis, silicosis, sore throat, sunstroke, swine flu, the bends, the sniffles, the snuffles, tonsilitis, trench foot, virus pneumonia, wet pleurisy, whooping cough

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