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bismuthn. [Ger. bismuth, wismuth: cf. F. bismuth.].
     One of the elements; a metal of a reddish white color, crystallizing in rhombohedrons. It is somewhat harder than lead, and rather brittle; masses show broad cleavage surfaces when broken across. It melts at 5071913 Webster]
    " Chemically, bismuth (with arsenic and antimony is intermediate between the metals and nonmetals; it is used in thermo-electric piles, and as an alloy with lead and tin in the fusible alloy or metal. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic substance known."  [1913 Webster]
Bismuth glance, bismuth sulphide; bismuthinite. -- Bismuth ocher, a native bismuth oxide; bismite.


bismuth, n. Chem.
1 a brittle reddish-white metallic element, occurring naturally and used in alloys.

Symb.: Bi.
2 any compound of this element used medicinally.
mod.L bisemutum, Latinization of G Wismut, of unkn. orig.

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